K-Beauty Face Ritual (Premium) + (FREE JUTE BAG worth 500)
Pilgrim Jeju Face Ritual (Premium) + (FREE JUTE BAG worth 500) - Pilgrim India

K-Beauty Face Ritual (Premium) + (FREE JUTE BAG worth 500)

Face wash, Night Serum, Face mist & toner, Face Scrub & Day Cream

Range: Korean Beauty Secrets

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Suitable for: All Skin Types

Size: Face Wash 100ml | Night Serum 30ml | Face Mist & Toner 100ml | Face Scrub 100gm | Day Cream 100gm

K-Beauty Face Ritual (Premium) + (FREE JUTE BAG worth 500)

K-Beauty Face Ritual (Premium) + (FREE JUTE BAG worth 500)


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Customer Reviews

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Mayank Verma

K-Beauty Face Ritual (Premium) + (FREE JUTE BAG worth 500)

Niharika Jain
My skin has become so soft

Its refreshing and rejuvenating.

Great One!!

Gave this to my wife recently and o god she's been thanking me for it, till now

Really suits my skin!

Have tried so many products before, all of them failed, but this is really helping me in solving my issue🙏🙏

Sneha S
Complete Care

I don’t have any major skin issues but I feel that it looks dull and tired too often. Don’t have neither the time nor energy to visit parlours often for facials and I don’t like the pulling and pushing of the skin either. The face scrub feels like an instant facial in the comfort of my home, at a fraction of the cost. Scrub + serum a night before any important event and you are ready! my skin looks very vibrant and fresh now and the pores have also reduced so much. Five star products totally.

Additional Information

Manufactured By: Please refer to individual products for manufacturing details

Country of Origin: India

Marketed in India By: Heavenly Secrets Pvt. Ltd., 74 Technopark, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai, India - 400093

How to Use

Step 1:Moisten face and neck. Take a small amount of face wash & massage on the face in circular motions for 30-60 secs. Rinse with water and pat dry
Step2:Spray face mist with eyes closed & lips pursed. Let it sit & dry
Step3:Take a small amount of cream and dab it gently all over a clean face and neck. Massage in upward-outward motion till the cream is absorbed fully
Twice A Week (Face Scrub): Apply pea sized scrub on clean face & neck. Massage using gentle circular motions for a minute. Rinse with water & pat dry
Once A Week (Face Mask): Use after face wash or face scrub. Apply a thin layer of the mask to face, avoiding the lips and eyes. Leave mask on until dry (approx. 15 mins). Use warm water to gently remove the mask, using a circular motion. Pat dry with a clean cloth.
Frequency: As specified above

Frequently Asked

• Can this ritual be used by both men and women?

» Yes! This ritual is unisex and can be used by both men and women.

• Which skin type is it suitable for?

» It can be used by all skin types.

• What are the main benefits of this ritual?

» The Pilgrim Jeju Face Ritual unclogs pores, has anti-ageing properties, minimizes pigmentation, and reduces wrinkles & fine lines.

• What is the recommended frequency of application?

» We recommend using this ritual twice a day (AM and PM) for best results. Please apply the face scrub once or twice a week.

• What is the order of application of products in the ritual?

» Cleanse with face wash. Apply face scrub, massage and rinse. Spritz with face mist & toner. On cleansed face, apply moisturizer during the day and serum during the night. You've completed your ritual! (You can also refer to the How To Use section for detailed instructions.)

• Why should I use a Vitamin C serum?

» Our Oil-based Vitamin C serum formula is the perfect warrior to fight against premature ageing and signs of environmental damage. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that brightens the skin and combats free radicals.

• Why is it important to have a skincare ritual?

» An effective and consistent skincare ritual helps keep your skin radiant and healthy. The right skincare products can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best.

• Can I use the face scrub every day?

» No, for best results, use it once a week. Over-exfoliating can cause the skin to get irritated and sensitive. Always use gentle and soft motions while applying the scrub.

• Do you test on animals?

» No, we never test on animals and are proud to be PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free.

• How safe are your products to use & do they contain any harmful chemicals like sulphates, parabens, etc.?

» All our products are COMPLETELY SAFE to use. We are very choosy when it comes to ingredients selection, and are strictly against using any harmful chemicals including parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. You can read more about our code of conduct THE PILGRIM CODE here.