How do I know that my order is confirmed?

- As soon as you place the order, you will receive a confirmation SMS and email with the order number and the estimated time of delivery.

Can I modify my order after placing it?

- An order cannot be modified once it has been placed. However, you can contact us via email (hello@discoverpilgrim.com) or contact our customer delight team (WhatsApp: 74000 97974) and we will do our best to assist you.

How can I track my order/When will I receive my order?

- We aim to ensure that you receive your order as quickly as possible. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the required information to track your order.

Will I have to bear the shipping charges?

- We offer free shipping for all orders above a certain value, which is notified from time to time. We also offer Cash-On-Delivery to many locations at no additional charge. Please consider the shipping rates shown at the time of check-out to be final.

Do you have Cash On Delivery (COD) facility?

- Yes, we do have Cash On Delivery facility for all our orders.

What are the different ways I can order Pilgrim products?

- You can order Pilgrim products online from various stores including www.discoverpilgrim.com, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Nykaa. In case you want to place a bulk order via email or call, please contact our customer care at hello@discoverpilgrim.com or Mobile: 74000 97974 for assistance. If you want to sell Pilgrim products from your store or website, please contact us at hello@discoverpilgrim.com or +91 7400097974

How much time does it take for the order to be delivered?

- Once you place the order, it is shipped within 2 business days (Mostly same day) and you can expect it to be delivered within 4-5 business days. Please note that our standard delivery times are estimates and may vary due to external factors including unexpected weather conditions, remote locations, and natural calamities.

Can the billing address be different from the shipping address?

- Yes, the billing and shipping addresses can be different.

Do you ship outside India?

- No. We currently ship in India only.


What do I do if I’m having trouble making payments online?

- Kindly contact us at hello@discoverpilgrim.com or WhatsApp us at +91 7400097974 and we will assist you in making the online payment.


By when can I return a product I haven't used? Do you cater to returns? What if I don't like the product and want to return it?

Kindly refer to our Shipping & Returns Policy.

PilgrimTRIBE Loyalty Program

How do I redeem my PilgrimMILES?

It’s super simple to redeem PilgrimMILES. 

Step 1: Login to your account on our website. 

Step 2: Click on the PilgrimTRIBE icon on the homepage. or click here

Step 3: Go to 'My Rewards'. Click on 'Redeem points' and generate coupon code.

Step 4: Add products to cart

Step 5: Checkout and apply the code!

Contact Us

How can I get in touch with Pilgrim?

We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch at hello@discoverpilgrim.com or WhatsApp +91 7400097974.



- All our products are made keeping in mind The Pilgrim Code, a set of values that we deeply believe in. Crafted with love, all Pilgrim products are FDA-approved and free from toxins like parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils – common offenders on beauty product labels. We are PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free - no animal has been harmed in the manufacturing or testing of the products. 

Pilgrim is also proud to be “Plastic-Positive” as the company recycles more plastic than it uses for packaging purposes, showing its commitment to the environment.

What is the Toxic 20?

The ubiquitous Toxic 20 chemicals are often the root cause of imbalance in our skin-hair health. When eliminated from our products altogether ("clean break"), our body has the ability to reset and return to its natural & healthy state. To know more, please click here.

Are you a clean brand?

- Yes, and we are proud of it :) We follow The Pilgrim Code, a set of values that we deeply believe in. Crafted with love, all Pilgrim products are FDA-approved and free from toxins like parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils – common offenders on beauty product labels. To know more about the toxins we absolutely don’t use, please click here.

Do you use sulfates or parabens in your products?

- No, we are very choosy when it comes to ingredients selection, and are strictly against using any harmful chemicals including parabens and sulfates (both SLS & SLES). You can read more about our code of conduct, The Pilgrim Code, here. NOTE: Be careful while buying sulfate-free products. There are brands which tell you the half-truth and say they don't use SLS, while sulfates include both SLS and SLES.

For how long are the products safe to use?

We recommend that you check the Period After Opening (PAO) mentioned on our packaging, or up to the best before date, whichever is earlier.

Do Pilgrim products contain fragrance?

Yes, some of our products contain fragrance and are clearly stated in our ingredients as ‘Parfum’ or ‘Perfume’. Products which mention “Artificial Fragrance” on the package contain fragrant essential oils that are suitable for the skin while products that mention “Fragrance-free” on the package mean the product contains no perfumes or fragrances.

Animal Testing

Do you test your products on animals?

- No, we are strictly against animal testing and we have been so since the inception of the brand. We are proud to be PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan


Are your products 100% natural?

- We believe that whether natural or synthetic, the ingredients should be biocompatible with your skin. Not all ingredients that are natural are good for your skin/hair and not all chemical ingredients are bad. Most of the ingredients we use are natural and have been carefully selected. To read about the toxic 20 ingredients that we absolutely avoid, please click here.

Are your products vegan/vegetarian?

Yes, we are proud to be a vegan beauty brand!